Owen & Hunter Architects (OHA) offers a comprehensive range of architectural and planning services, from programming and feasibility studies to complete architectural services including interiors.  Established in 2005, OHA evolved from Trevor Owen Architects Inc., an eighteen year old firm.  The firm has gained a reputation for quality architectural design.



The Owen & Hunter Architects Philosophy

The basis of our practice has been to take a humanistic approach in the design of places for people accomplished in a collaborative process with our clients.


The OHA approach has been consistently effective in producing imaginative, sensitive and functional places. We are dedicated to a continuation of this record.



Focus Of Practice

Our firm is founded on a knowledge of what works and we are driven by innovation. At the foundation of our firm is a broad and deep understanding of how buildings work. Our understanding and our success comes from working WITH our clients. We know that the projects that work best are those that work for everyone. Successful projects are those that make good financial sense for first cost and lifetime cost, that are durable and easy to maintain, that are produced on time, that provide functional efficient layouts, and that are comfortable, exciting and beautiful. We know how to make projects work.

OHA is an idea firm. We are committed to discovery and invention and we bring a fresh approach to every project.



Commitment To Collaboration

We haven't created our accomplishments alone. At the core of our efforts is a commitment to collaboration. Each of our projects has been created through a close working relationship with our clients, building users, city planning staff, relevant community groups, and specialist consultants when appropriate.


At every stage of the project we propose a process that includes key people, including staff, maintenance personnel, and representatives of public agencies reviewing the project.  OHA will facilitate work sessions (charrettes) dealing with issues at every scale, ranging from goals and objectives to detail issues regarding building maintenance.


This collaborative process assures that your plan is responsive to your needs and that you fully understand the implications of the plan. In addition, this process assures users and community-wide understanding and commitment to the project. We pledge to deliver a process that is productive, rewarding, and exciting.



Design Philosophy

Rather than following architectural trends or styles the firm believes that for each individual project there is a unique relationship between the client, the functional requirements, the users' needs, and the context of the site and its surroundings.


We believe that the appropriate solution evolves from an intimate appreciation and thorough analysis of these factors. The integration of structural and engineering services, and the inspired use of technology in the architectural expression is a goal that the firm continually strives towards.


Special attention is paid to the appropriateness of materials, textures, colours, lighting and the latest technological advances in materials, assembly systems, and energy conservation. These are carefully integrated into the design of a project through thoughtful and precise composition and detailing.